Thursday, October 24, 2013

A-21 Campaign

Are you familiar with The A 21 Campaign? I wasn't either until a while ago when I heard Christine Caine talking about it on Joyce Meyer. Christine Caine and her husband are the founders and it is an anti-human trafficking organization with the ambition of abolishing slavery in the 21st century.
I used to make altered tags and give them away, most of them went to to help ladies on a new journey in their life.
The other day my heart was feeling as if I needed to get back to making and giving the tags away and I remembered A-21 and went to their site to see what I could do and found there are 21 ways we can help. One is letters and they can be mailed to their office in Greece. They have a local office here in Charleston and I called and the young lady emailed me some information and I am going to make and send some encouraging tags to Greece to be shared with those who have been rescued from human trafficking and are on a new journey in life.
There's a short documentary video that 268 Generation shares called FREEDOM: Indifference Is Not An Option and it tells true-life stories of three people who were held captive as modern day slaves. It's gut wrenching and needs to be exposed and brought into the light to help those who are suffering under it.
If you are interested you can visit A-21 and see if there's anything you feel led in helping with.
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Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing this, Cassandra. God bless!