Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hi...I'm on a new adventure and a couple weeks ago the words, this art that heals was laid on my heart and I didn't pay much attention to it. The other day I was thinking more about it and wondering what to do with it, etc. I kept asking the Lord what does it mean. Tonight in my quiet time, the Lord showed me, it's about me finding a new purpose, letting things go that try to hold me back, standing up to my fears, holding onto my joy and peace, standing strong and embracing the artist that is within me and allowing the woman I am becoming to hold her head high. A big part is also, my children are nineteen and fourteen, being a momma is all I've ever known and been. I'm still a momma and it's still my purpose but in a different way now. They are off creating their own lives as it should be and they don't "need" me as they once did. There are nights I cry wondering what am I to do with me once the "baby" has left the nest. I am holding the Lord's hand as He guides my steps into this new journey.

I was in my art room looking around at the things I've done and how far I've come in my art, which I've come a long way, haha! My art lifts me up and brings me to a brighter place. So, I got to thinking, how nice it would be to share the journey with other ladies. Surely there are other ladies out there facing things in their lives who want to share their art and talk about it. I don't have any art group meetings with others where we just hang out, chat and do art. This is the next best thing.

I am planning to have a Wall Art Wednesday project where I post a scripture, special word or quote and we create our art around that piece.
I also want to do, Dose of Inspiration videos where I am making a piece of art using different styles, etc. in hopes that it inspires you in some way.
With my art I don't go by themes, rules, challenges or anything, I just sit down and allow whatever wants to step out and be made, be made. The best part is how relaxing it all is.

I hope that you join me on this new adventure in the healing beauty of creating art.

Have a great day!


Sarah Bennett said...

Wow, Cass, what a purpose-filled post. Full of so much from your heart; from your artistic soul. It is awesome that you are venturing out in new directions. I am sure this will lead you to wonderful places. I will be anxious to follow you along your new journey!
Congrats to you for moving forward with what you are being led to do. Wishing you great things ahead, and sending you hugs, sweet friend!

Art Expression said...

Thank you for visiting my blog....I appreciate the comment. Oh and I love the name of your blog = )

MaxineD said...

I will follow you :-) sounds fun - I am not in the same 'place' as you, but I do find time with any art form is a wonderful place to be.

Tammy said...

What a meaningful post. I cannot wait to see you blossom. :) Children do grow up very fast and yes it can be hard not being needed quite as much as you once were but it means you raised them to be independent and they are doing just that. Spreading their wings. You have to trust that they have the moral and values you raised them with and good heads on their shoulders. This blog will be a great escape for you. Art is always healing. Great blog name.

Dell said...

What a wonderful post and from the heart. I am mom to 3 with the oldest being 27, middle 25 and youngest 16. I have to say though that even though they get older and you don't think they need you as much they actually need you more. I find myself doing more listening (as they tell me about things going on in their daily life) to them instead of directing them. It is very hard to let go though when it happens. It about killed me to see my son graduate college, then move to Wash DC to work. Then my daughter moved off to college and graduated and became a nurse, then married. There were days that I just long for them to be little again. But then again, I am enjoying seeing them grow into the adults that they are. One day I hope to become a grandma and I think that will be the cherry on top!!

Anyway, I love your idea of the Wall Art Wednesday post. What a great way to stay spiritually uplifted. TFS..

Natalie said...

Blessings on your new adventure, Cassandra!!

Jen said...

Hi there - thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog. Your artwork is beautiful as is your spirit and your heart. I love what you've written here, and I wish you all the best! I think you would love Stephanie Ackerman's blog too - Have a great day!