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My friend Karen Conner from KRC Masterpiece is helping me spread the love of the Lord and the gift of creativity she's been blessed with. She and I will be sharing art videos to get your creativity flowing, encouraging words and devotionals. Art truly does heal your heart, mind and soul.
It's going to be fun and inspirational!

Thank you Karen. Hugs

I'm Cassandra and I love the Lord.
I believe in creating art that tells His truth and other inspiring words that He lays upon my heart.
I'm married to an incredible man.
Momma to two sons. 
I don't like chocolate.
I love the mountains
and I have a passion to make art that encourages others to know that they are brave, strong and most importantly loved by Him.
Hey Ya'll!
I'm Karen Conner and I live in Southern Virginia. I'm so honored to be sharing my love of art with Cassandra! She's so talented!
I love God's scripture and use it a lot in my artwork.  I love incorporating scripture and encouraging words to others.  We live in a sad world-everyone has something they are dealing with. One of the ways I cope with everyday life is to create art.  My prayer is that you'll be inspired to create to help you deal with whatever life is throwing at you.
I'm so inspired all the time! Nature is one of my favorite things to observe. God does AMAZING stuff doesn't he?!
We want you to know God loves you!
You are special and important.
You were created with a purpose in mind.
Art is a great way to express that.
We'll love to hear from you!!
Have a blessed experience!

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